Tortured Tuesdays: Running in Place: Busy-work That Gets You Somewhere

Got up at 5:00 this morning and haven’t stopped.

You know those days when the wheels just churn and there’s always one more thing to do? This is one of them – but I suddenly stopped to ask myself if it was going somewhere.

Oh sure, the laundry and vacuuming are done, the dogs have been exercised (a couple of times *grin*) and fed, and I’ve balanced the check book and contacted the prescription service to find out why the heck they didn’t let me know they weren’t going to send one of my vitamins – prescription strength – just because they don’t cover it under our insurance plan. I’ve also requested a refund for the item for which I was over billed this past weekend–

All of which has nothing to do with my writing or writing career.

Still, it had to be done and someone had to do it. Right?

My daughter delights in saying she was born to be rich. Someday I’m certain she will be.

I, on the other hand, was born to have a billionaire in the closet (pays the bills without question and is neither seen nor heard *wicked grin*), a fantabulous cook who feeds me wonderful food that keeps me healthy and slim but who also allows me into the kitchen at my whim, and a nanny (aka Executive Assistant *grin*) who is paid a truly handsome wage by the closeted billionaire (the cook, too) to keep track of me and do all those little piddly things (calling the online pharmacy) that I’d

Rather Not Do Ever Again.

Yes, that was a lament. *grin*

Why would I rather not do that stuff?

Because it’s far more fun and interesting and productive and Career-wise to

work on the book I’m writing
do research for the book I’m writing
print out map sections and tape them together for the book I’m writing so I can put it up on the wall and actually visualize where everything is in the city my characters live in
prepare a lesson plan for the novel-writing class I plan to teach this fall
do some yoga with the Evil Queen of Puppydom
write this blog
write the Query Letter
outline the next book

Read a book.

In other words, anything that maintains the groove of the WIP, keeps it moving forward, page by page.

That’s the kind of busy-work that’s worth it.



About Terese Ramin

Terese Ramin is the award winning author of eleven novels and numerous short stories. Her autobiographical essay, “Two-Puppy Theory”, is included in the anthology The Sound and the Furry, sales of which benefit the International Fund for Animal Welfare. The Cured, her most recent release with author David Wind, is her first suspense-thriller. Her next release will be a paranormal romantic suspense with writing partner Dawn Johanson, published under the pseudonym Cathryn Marr. Aside from writing, Terese works as an editor, ghost writer, book doctor, and reiki master. She is the Central Coordinator for Novelists, Inc., the international organization for multi-published fiction writers, and is certified in Gateless writing and training. In her spare time she rescues dogs, knits, and is a veteran paranormal investigator. She lives in Michigan with her husband and a bunch of rescued dogs.
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