“Everyday is a …

“Everyday is a winding road
I get a little bit closer
Everyday is a faded sign
I get a little bit closer to feeling fine”
– Sheryl Crow, 1996

This Has To Stop Thursday

Just got off the scale and the numbers both discouraged and galled me: 237 pounds. You would think that I don’t exercise (3 – 4 hours/week in the local high school pool doing laps and/or aerobic exercises and yoga). You would think that I don’t eat fruits, vegetables and fiber, or that I haven’t made sure to control my portion sizes, but I’ve been very careful to do all these things since weighing in at 234 at the doc’s three weeks ago.

I hate this. I’ve asked for help, but “help” is a handful of menus that exceed the currently available monthly food budget. I’ve been swimming the 3 – 4 hours a week since September, and have added in treadmill walking the last two weeks. Okay, yes it’s winter and the annual carbs cravings are in full swing. Yes, exercising actually *adds* weight of the muscular kind. And yes, my stamina has certainly increased because I’m exercising regularly. But seriously, 237-freaking-pounds?

It’s clear that one size does NOT fit all, whether we’re talking clothing, diets, or metabolisms – especially as we age. I can only think that the next step here is to try the Wheat Belly Diet or to at least make a stab at purchasing Lean Cuisine style dinners when I grocery shop in an effort to do a Nutrisystem/Medifast/Jenny Craig sort of deal. I can only repeat to myself that today is another on the winding road, and I *will* figure this out and update This Has To Stop Thursday next week!

Terese, growling



About Terese Ramin

Terese Ramin is the award winning author of eleven novels and numerous short stories. Her autobiographical essay, “Two-Puppy Theory”, is included in the anthology The Sound and the Furry, sales of which benefit the International Fund for Animal Welfare. The Cured, her most recent release with author David Wind, is her first suspense-thriller. Her next release will be a paranormal romantic suspense with writing partner Dawn Johanson, published under the pseudonym Cathryn Marr. Aside from writing, Terese works as an editor, ghost writer, book doctor, and reiki master. She is the Central Coordinator for Novelists, Inc., the international organization for multi-published fiction writers, and is certified in Gateless writing and training. In her spare time she rescues dogs, knits, and is a veteran paranormal investigator. She lives in Michigan with her husband and a bunch of rescued dogs.
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